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Welding Programs and Procedures

Quality, Efficiency, Productivity

SKC Engineering develops effective welding programs to meet the requirements of numerous agencies including CSA, ASME, AWS, and ISO, as well as marine classification societies such as Lloyds, DNV and ABS.

We are retained by over 250 companies across Canada, and internationally, for CSA W47.1 (Steel) and W47.2 (Aluminum) welding programs.  We can provide Welding Procedures for general or specific applications as well as Procedure Testing and Welder Testing to suit the needs of your application.

Welding Engineering

Renowned Welding Expertise

Our knowledgeable staff of Professional Engineers, EITs and Metallurgists provide expert consultation on materials, welding and joining to our diverse client base.  We have Materials, Mechanical and Structural Engineers on staff with experience in the design, construction, refit and repair of welded structures and mechanical components, structural connection design, failure analysis, quality planning and development of technical work instructions.  

We have considerable expertise in the joining of difficult materials including small and large bore pipe, HSLA carbon steels, non-ferrous alloys, low and high temperature materials, high carbon steels and quench and tempered materials.  We can complete Engineering Critical Assesments in compliance with the requirements of BS7910 or API 579-1/ASME FFS-1.

Quality Assurance

Honest Inspection, Quality Assured

SKC Engineering provides quality assurance programs and inspection and test plans to clients in the manufacturing, fabrication and construction sectors — independent, third party review of projects, complete with thorough documentation of inspections to ensure compliance with codes, standards and project specifications.

Our quality assurance staff are certified to CSA & AWS inspection standards. We have significant experience with audits of overseas production facilities.

Connections & Steel Detailing

Combined Services for Greater Efficiency

We have Civil Engineers specializing in structural steel design and draftsmen working with Revit and Autocad Structural for building modeling and design.  We specialize in the design of welded connections in structural steel to CSA W47.1, CSA W59 and CSA S16.  We design welded & bolted connection in accordance with CISC & AISC rules.

Welding Simulation

For the Perfect Weld

Using the VRWELD platform for computational weld mechanics we are able to reliably simulate welding processes & procedures.   This allows us to optimize welding procedures electronically without using expensive human and physical resources.  

With the VRWELD software we can account for all of the complex physical processes involved in welding allowing us to effectively model distortion & residual stresses, weld strength, microstructure and hardness. Applications include automotive, energy production, marine, aerospace, oil & gas and heavy equipment.  

Welcome to SKC

SKC Welding Engineering

SKC offers quality assurance, welder training, welder testing, source or worksite inspection, preparation of welding procedures, welding documentation, weld joint design and weld engineering services.

Our experienced staff of professional engineers, EITs, certified welding inspectors (CWIs), weld instructors, visual inspectors, weld documentation specialists, detailers and NDE specialists offer services to our clients located throughout Western Canada, the Yukon, the United States and Asia.

Putting people together in a collaborative and meaningful way is how we like to work at SKC. Utilizing science and technology, our team of professionals is ready to provide effective solutions for your manufacturing needs. Our combined history of achievements and experience will give you the results you need to accomplish your goals.

We are a full-service welding engineering company located in Surrey, BC